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Events South Africa  is a member of the International Events Network,  we are an online events marketing and promotions service platform, for upcoming international events across Africa and the world. In Africa we connect event organizers, managers  and sponsors to event attendees.

Through this events platform we make it possible of our customers and platform visitors to find all upcoming regional events in South Africa, and further be able to access and find upcoming events in each of the 05 countries that make up Southern Africa. This platform also allows Event Organizers post and list their events for further publication and reach to the people of South Africa and the rest of the world.

The presence and effectiveness of International Events Network in Africa is unrivaled, reaching millions and bringing to their knowledge all upcoming regional events, whether on a desktop computer or a laptop to tables and smart mobile phones, through our websites and social media platforms.

To ensure targeted event marketing we have clustered Africa into regions defined by similarity in culture and religious divisions, business and economic growth among others.  And to be more specific, we are able to make your event reach people in each country.

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Events South Africa is an online events marketing and promotion service provider for upcoming international and regional events in Southern Africa, across different event categories.

We aim to meet all event broadcasting and promotional needs of all events service consumers in Southern Africa and around the world.

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