As an event attendee, your favorite events are important to us, that’s why we ensure that you can access them across all devices. Access your events while at work, leisure or on the go. Our platforms are device responsive meaning you will access our sites on desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Go a head and down load our mobile app for both android and iOS operating systems.

Find a full profile of all upcoming events brought to you in different shades and media, see the past events in video make you own review, share your event experience with the rest of the world and inspire an eventing culture today.

Do you love to travel, then find out more about upcoming international and regional events from our different platforms, through our events networks. Make International Events Network your home of great events

WE LOVE. Southern Africa is made up 19 great countries each with different cultures and belief, these made every event unique and beautiful, Find upcoming events in each of the countries that make up Southern Africa.

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Make event bookings for yourself, family and friends to secure a place at your favorite and much anticipated upcoming events. You can also make booking request while you are at it, and if you can’t make to the event because your schedule is tight, then conveniently make your booking cancellations early.

Yes the power is on your finger tips, no need to travel miles to make that event booking, just go to your favorite event and click. click and click. Browse through the event schedule, and the speaker listing for corporate and business events, and list of lined up artists, performers and entertainers for music and arts events.

Make Your Events Bookings. Visitors to this platform can access all events in all the 19 Southern African countries and make bookings here, further if you create a user account you can track all you event activities here.

To create a visitors account please click HERE or go to this page: Event Attendee.


Get notifications for every action regarding your favorite events, from booking verification, reminders, confirmations and cancellation, upcoming events, change in  programs to payment acceptance. Be in the know about all your favorite events and get notices of important changes from the events organizers. Receive these notification on mail or accept pop ups on your device.

Be acquainted with your event organizers details, see the telephone contacts, email and website details, get the event venue and locations on map and check out the event venues on google.

GET REGULAR EVENT NOTIFICATIONS. To get updates on all upcoming events, accept our website pop ups, subscribe to our mailing list, follow our social media pages and platforms, visit our Events News platforms, upload our Apps, share our events.

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Make payments for your booked events online and immediately print your ticket. Browse through the different ticket variations for each event and make you choice, get immediate notification for every successful ticket payments,  purchase your  early-bird tickets  without a great hassle before they are sold out or prices change. We let you take charge.

Its convenient and easy, no payments to third parties only the events organizers, through a variety of payment options available to you. Social share those interesting events with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, grow a crowd and attend you events in style.

PRINT EVENT TICKETS. Note event tickets printed through this platform are of A4 PAPER size, and are subject to final verification by the Event Organizer, who gets a copy of every booking, booking cancellation, online payment for events.

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Post and list any event through our front-end part of the websites, our front-end event submission is user friendly and filled with user prompts. This means you can upload great pictures and videos to fully engage future event attendees.

Events posting and listing can be done by any body, subject to registering and login, however the decision for all posted events being published remains with Events South Africa. Event post and publishing may require that an organizer subscribes as verified events organizer, or if the event has been sponsored by a subscribed event sponsor or the event qualifies to be published as a free event as per the rules of Events South Africa.

SUBMIT YOUR EVENTS. Events East Africa lets you take charge of your event style through the front-end event submission page.

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We offer you great and might event build options to help make your event a success, at your disposal you can manage and control the amount of information the site event visitors can see, refer any site visitor for more information about the your events and your brand to your personal website or social media page.

Show off your hourly events schedule and the entire lineup of speakers, performing artists, or presenters, manage the booking form and limit bookings, create different ticket variations and segregate the pricing for each ticket. upload both still and video pictures to amplify your event engagement with potential event attendees.


Enjoy our great build options and engage favorably with the public,let the public have full details about your events give them, no reason to cancel any event.

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We give you the power to monitor the activities generated by your event posts, so you can make the relevant decisions. Get immediate notifications from every interaction with potential event attendee.

Keep up to date with every booking, booking verification, confirmation, cancellation and reminder from your event lovers, further receive any payment notifications for events and have a full list of paid up attendees. With our notifications, you will have less work regarding event management, with these notifications you will be able to personally manage every events attendees participation needs.

BE NOTIFIED. Notifications help give both the Site visitors and Event Organizers to manage events, here the Event Organizer will be able to follow up on every booking and ticket payments, and event attendees will get the necessary directions and information about the event and how to attend.

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Events South Africa don’t dip their fingers cookie jar of organizers events or share the collections. We understand that the cost of organizing an event  can be overwhelming, and so we charge an annual segregated minimal fee, to allow every event organizer successfully pull off their events.

Every event organizer can directly get all their event payments to their cash payments accounts, the platform is fitted with the flowing payment platforms, Paypal Express, PayPal Credit Card, Stripe, WooCommerce, Strip Connect as our organizer’s payment modules.

PAY ONLINE TO EVENT ORGANIZER. Pay the Event Organizer directly to their cash or bank account. To be able to do so the Event Organizer must have a merchant account with one of the payment gateways integrated into this platform

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We  bring you greater viewership for every event listed and published on this and other events platforms, every events category has a following of event lovers, reach out to the millions of event lovers and attendees and build your brand and customer base. Sponsor events here and be associated with events. Get an event sponsorship account, and give thousands f events access to you account to reach more people with you as the event sponsor

We guarantee greater reach because of the responsive nature of our sites, allowing for event access across all internet enabled devices desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones both on android and iOS/iPhone operating systems. The event broadcast feature to every country of the organizers choice and interest in the case of Africa, and the social media campaigns  for each event, just sky rocket the viewership/audience reach.  The social share options embedded on each event, further enables site visitors populate events to their friend and followers.

BE A SPONSOR OF EVENTS. Big Sposnors in every sector can now allow Event Organizers that have no budget for event marketing to apply to a sponsor of there choice and have their events sponsored and marketed online. A list of Sponsors that Events Organizers can apply to, so that your event can be promoted can be accessed by going to the Event Sponsors Page or just click here .

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Standout as a formidable business, by sponsoring your preferred events from a list of events sponsorship applicants, around Africa and the rest of world, be associated with event themes and causes that amplify your company or organizational values and interests.

Have the symbol of your company or organisation embedded into every international or regional event you have agreed to sponsor.  Have your logos, videos and Ad banners  associated with growth, success and future prospects. Reach out to every event attendee and visitor to our events sites and social medial platforms. Refer all our site visitors and event attendees to your organizational or business website to build, grow and consolidate on your customer base.

SPONSOR EVENTS BUILD BRANDS. Thousands of Events are attended by a great number of people of all social class. No matter the event theme, events are places of securing business deals, places of networking, places of sale and future business transactions, or for aligning your organization’s causes to those of event attendees. Are you looking to grow your brand, customer base or following, then having a sponsor’s account is one step away to reaching these goals with Events South Africa.

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution. Social Media Platforms

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution. Events News Platforms

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Our platforms give our site visitors the power and ability to book for event at their pleasure, we cut out the distance factor, allowing you to communicate effectively with the event organizers through bookings .

Talk about great customer care, get every action will trigger an event notification to both the visitors that book, confirm or cancel events and the event organizer, and for the the king a regular reminder about the near coming date of the event.

Securely make payments directly to the event organizers and confirm your attendance to your events, receive payment acceptance confirmation and get the assurance that your event slot is reserved you. Pay for a team, family and friends online.

Print your tickets to your event and save yourself from the dragging lines, get your early bird tickets after making payments. Our platforms allow for ticking printing on A4 paper, so don’t forget your ticket after making payments.

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